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Housing Crisis

Our Solution

According to Reclaim New York, the most financially burdensome cost to a family (whether as renter or as homeowner) is housing. In South Brooklyn, families earning $71K have Zero-percent ($73) savings each year after taxes and living expenses. Families earning a six-digit figure of $213K can only save 3% ($7125) per year; those making $128K can only save 2% (2245) per year. On Staten Island, families with relatively high incomes cannot save; families are in debt. For instance, a family earning $77K incur a debt of -$3924, while a family earning $108K suffer a debt of -$2193. Families earning closer to the median at $54K are suffering with a debt of -$6378. We need laws that ensure that humans have a safe and habitable home

Home Owners

Home owners struggle to keep a home due to high mortgage rates and high property tax rates. This is made more difficult by the generally high cost of living which makes it difficult for families to keep up with the high cost of home ownership. Consequently, many families face foreclosure.


Rents are increasing exponentially, with average rents in New York City at a couple thousand dollars. As a result, many families consistently face eviction, displacement, and homelessness. Families in public housing continue to struggle with inhabitable conditions, threatening their physical, medical, and psychological health.


The rate of homelessness continues to rise with many families including children forced to live on the sidewalk. Those who are sheltered face deplorable conditions and limited stays in temporary housing.


Our Solution

We need to pass laws that ensure that all human beings are afforded a home, not a shelter, where they can develop with a peace of mind.


  • National Affordable Housing Trust Fund; amend to provide permanent funding to enhance availability of solid and affordable housing.

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit; expand to incentivise developers to increase construction and avaialability of affordable homes

  • Common Sense Housing Investment Act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to replace the mortgage interest deduction with a nonrefundable credit for indebtedness secured by a residence, to provide affordable housing to extremely low-income families, and for other purposes.



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