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Healthcare Crisis 

Our Solution

According to the Centre for Public Impact, Obamacare has failed to reach its mission of insuring its stated target of 22 Million Americans. Still, all 330 Million Americans exist in the country, and they too need to be insured without paying so much out-of-pocket. We lose 50 Thousand Americans each year due to lack of or inadequate healthcare coverage.

Those Insured

For those insured, families struggle to keep up with monthly insurance premiums, costly copay, confusing co-insurance, and many fall into medical debt to try and stay alive.

Those Not Insured

Millions who are not covered for healthcare, pay thousands of dollars to stay alive, and they fall into debt, they get sick, and then they die.

Cost to America

The current private healthcare system is not only costly for households; the United States government wastes $1 Trillion each year to support its hybrid healthcare system.


Our Solution

We will need to install a healthcare system which covers all 330 Million Americans, without sucking money out of bank accounts in insurance premiums each month; a healthcare system which does not require anyone to pay out of pocket for basic care, and which allows families to start saving money.


  • HR 1384 – Medicare for All Act of 2019 To eliminate monthly premiums, copay, and out-of-pocket cost for basic healthcare needs.



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