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Employment and Labor Crisis

Our Solution

According to the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, Americans are increasingly overworked and underpaid. This leads to a range of social, psychological, and health risks to the individual, the family, and society. There are established links between overwork and stress on one hand and heart disease, commuter road rage, and suicide on the other hand.

Employees and Employers

Workers do not have enough time to spend with their children and family because most of their time is spent at work. Furthermore, many workers find that their salaries are not enough to help them and their family meet the costs of living. Employers are aggressively seeking ways to increase worker productivity without adequate compensation in order to increase profits.

Collective Bargaining

Unions and workers are threatened. There are efforts, such as Right-to-Work laws, pushed to discourage workers from organizing for fair working conditions and pay.


Our Solution

We will need to pass or amend laws to guarantee job security, fair working conditions, and adequate pay so that families can meet their costs of living.


  • National Labor Relations Act of 1935; amend to prohibit right-to-work laws.
  • Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute; amend to prohibit right-to-work laws.
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee to ensure job security and living wage to all workers.



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