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Education Crisis

Our Solution

According to The Hechinger Report, 3.9 Million students dropped out of higher education with massive debts in 2016. This is a common scenario each year. Students can’t go to school because of the high cost of education, and those that matriculate take out loans which they later struggle to pay back.


Education begins at birth. Families struggle with expensive early childhood care, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Student opt-out of college due to costly tuition, or matriculate through loans, only to graduate with life-threatening debt. There is also very little support for blue-collar/vocational programs.


Educators in all levels are overworked and underpaid. Many educators, like the rest of the citizenry, must meet the costs of living, and understandably can only afford to work in schools providing competitive salaries. This leaves poorer schools struggling to attract permanent and highly motivated faculty to educate our youths and adolescents. 

Good v Bad

This dichotomy must end. There are schools that are excellent, and there are schools that are failing. Schools fail principally due to lack of financial support from government which can fund programs, educators, and infrastructure. Instead of receiving public support, failing schools close, leaving students stranded, distracted, and inconvenienced, scrambling to find the next available option.


Our Solution

We will need to pass laws that guarantee all Americans an education and that provide all schools and levels of training programs optimal support from the government.


  • College for All Act to guarantee free education at four-year and two year public colleges and universities.



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