Richard-Olivier Marius for Congress NY 11
Vote Bills to Help Pay Bills

The Bottom Line

When the landlord knocks on the door, do they ask about your party affiliation?

When you are looking at your credit card statement, does it want to know if you’re a Trump supporter or a progressive?

The landlord and the bank share just one thing in common: your paycheck.

So, what laws do we need to pass that will allow us to afford the rent, mortgage, and the other costs of living?

Can the conservative, the liberal, and the progressive families side-step distraction, and unite to support the policies that will help us all pay our bills?

Regardless of political affiliation, we should all be able to pay our bills, with enough personal funds left over to pursue our American Dream.

Let’s come together in Staten Island and Brooklyn to review the key issues and the potential solutions to our day-to-day frustrations.

It is all possible.


Please let me know what issues concern you

Credit Card Debt No Job Security Struggling in Retirement
Healthcare Too Many Taxes Opioid Addiction and Suicide
No Affordable Homes Transportation Headache Environmental Degradation
Expensive Education Discrimination and Harassment Chaotic Foreign Affairs